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GABRIEL BERNINI | Full Performance (2022)

Director / Production Designer - Brad Roelandt

Producer / Asst. Director / Gaffer - Charles Han 

Toaster Op / Lighting Tech - John Charles Bricker

Art Director - Sean Muscles

Camera - Clara Ribot and Cleveen Dominguez

Audio Engine / Sound Mix - Deke Shipp

Audio PA - Vincent Valencia

Songs by Gabriel Bernini

"Love Is a Drum"

"Under All Summer"

"Too Many Lovers"

"You Got Me"

You Got Me is available on Spotify and Bandcamp

NIIS | Full Performance + Interview (2020)

Director / Production Designer - Charles Han

Toaster Op - Marlo Madlangbayan Gaite-De Joya

Editor - Brad Roelandt

Songs by NIIS



"Big Zoo"

HALLOWEEN is available on Spotify and Bandcamp

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